Cycloform New Years Message.

Some commentators suggest that 2016 wasn't a classic. I'm not going to go over all that. I'd just like to state these inextricable facts.  


At some point in 2017:

  1. You will experience that happy feeling, out in the Dales, the sun will be shining, the wind warm, you will realise just how free you are on your bike and what a beautiful county we live in. All will be well.
  2. You will be riding along, coming the other way will be a Dad riding with his child, both in full cycling gear. You will realise that the future is bright for our great sport. All will be well. 
  3. You will experience one of those group rides where the sun shines, the coffee and cake are awesome and you realise what a great community you ride with. All will be well.  
  4. You will forget about all the training miles or turbo efforts. There will be one day where your legs make you fly. You will feel great and all will be well.  
  5. After sunny days of fettling with your bike a moment will come when all you hear is the noise of rubber in the road. You'll be floating down a quiet country road and you'll realise that man and machine are in perfect harmony. All will be well. 

If you ride your bike in 2017 all will be well. Happy New Year from Cycloform. 


Simon SmithComment