About Cycloform...

In 2014 founder and clinical director Simon Smith was at his real job, being a back, hip and knee specialist physiotherapist at York District Hospital. He had a reputation for being a bit mental when it comes to his cycling. Like most serious amateur cyclist he had let his cycling bug infect all of his life. 

This attracted all the struggling cyclists entering the York and Selby Musculoskeletal Service. One in particular (You know who you are) had numerous bike fits from 'specialist' bike fitters throughout the North of England and was still struggling. However what was evident to Simon was that the majority of the issue at hand was related to the person, not the bike. This sparked an idea and that idea became Cycloform Bike Fitting.

Meanwhile John Rowland, in a different strand of this story, was being his usual self in Tadcaster. A veteran of Ironman, cyclocross, time trials, road racing and generally supporting his local cycling community was formulating a plan. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, like any ageing athlete, he was contemplating passing on his hard won command of coaching.

Cycloform has always been about giving everyone in the cycling community a high standard of professionalism and quality of service. Treating amateurs like the professionals we emulate. John has this same inclusive outlook on cycling and was always going to be a perfect fit to Cycloform with the addition of Cycloform Coaching in 2017.

Coaching and Bike Fitting go perfectly together. Both try to achieve the same balance of optimising cycling performance within the capabilities of the cyclist. In the spirit of leaving no stone unturned Simon, as the clinical director of Cycloform, contacted his friend and colleagues at Stobo Health. They run a bespoke healthcare service. Truly offering tailored care that simply cannot be commissioned within our beloved NHS. Athletes are often frustrated in usual healthcare settings when a problem they are having is effecting performance. They may not be ill but for many athletes, including amateurs, this reduction in performance can be frustrating. Dr. John Smith of Stobo Health doesn't work towards any perceived limits of your capabilities. He simply wants to optimise your natural performance and is therefore a perfect partner to Cycloform.

The addition of Cycloform Health Screening in 2017 in partnership with Stobo Health means that Cycloform truly is the place to turn when it comes to optimising YOUR cycling performance.