Tadcaster - Yorkshires Capital of Cycling

Tadcaster, known to the world as the place whose bridge fell down is holding surely one of the most exciting up-and-coming pro cycling races in the world.

What a bold move from Gary Verity and the organising committee to include a steeplechase over the Wharfe at the start (or finish). All joking aside I speak with no authority at all when I say that the bridge will be finished by the end of April when the race arrives. 

Suck it in and don't stand like a prat. Doh.

Suck it in and don't stand like a prat. Doh.

As the Tour de Yorkshire press release states Tadcaster is indeed known for its breweries [and brewers], it should also now be known for its resilience and community spirit. However what some of us know and others will surly soon find out is that Tadcaster is Yorkshires capital of cycling. 

Whereas Otley may have its town centre criterium-racing Tadcaster has the equally prestigious Cyclesense Tadcaster Time Trial League. If you’d rather not race (remember – sportives are not races!) we’ve got the highly acclaimed Cyclesense Tadcaster Sportive, next year to be run on 9th April 2017 in association with Cycloform. Unlike other events in Yorkshire this is a ride that can be testing if you want, but doesn’t have to rip your legs off. It’s inclusive, ride what you want as fast as you want. Everyone gets cake, which will be fabulous again, while tonnes of money will be raised for Martin House

We have great mountain bike trails, cyclocross riding and the same kind of terrain and weather that make Flanderians so damned hard. 

Johan Museeuw showing more resilience in the mud than some. 

Johan Museeuw showing more resilience in the mud than some. 

We can sell you a bike for travelling the world, travelling your first kilometre, or anything in between. Cyclesense do this, not because cycling is a booming industry and they’ve seen a bandwagon, but because as a family the Stainthorpes have a bit of an obsession and they've had it for a while! What they don’t know about cycling and cycling kit isn’t worth knowing. 

When it goes wrong, or you want to make sure its right Cycloform can help you get the most out of your riding. Fitting athletes and people that smirk at being called athletes; we just love talking cycling and performance. If it weren’t a secret I’d tell you about the plans Cycloform have to start cycle coaching and medical screening.


We have cycling cafes that sell gourmet coffee and brownies. At Everything Good Goes cyclists are not accepted, they are encouraged. With secure bike parking covered by CCTV you might as well stay and try the craft beers and gorgeous pizza.


If those exotic drinks inspire wanderlust and Tadcaster cannot quench your desires then John Readman at Ride25 can take you on a cycling holiday of a lifetime. You’ll be able to travel the world over some of the best scenery, sampling some of the finest food and beverages outside of Tad all supported by his team – including a number of Taddy cyclists. 

We’ve got it all. But for some that is simply not enough. For those crazy enough to think that participating in one sport is too easy there is the Tadcaster Tri Team (T3) and the annual Tadcaster Triathlon. They'll be out in force to cheer the pros on in April no doubt.

Tadcaster – its not all about the bridge.

Brighouse, do your worst!


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