Saddle Fitting with Fabric & ISM- +£50

Some Bike Fitting studios will fit your saddle for you at a knockdown price. A one off price for fitting just your saddle. If only it were that simple. The best saddle in the world in the wrong place can be damned uncomfortable. Change the saddle, you change the pelvic position, change the pelvis you change the angle of the spine, the apparent length of your legs. Before you know it, the saddle gets changed and you feel terrible.

At Cycloform we are only interested in making customers happy. Professionally we cannot do something we know might not get the outcome required. However as an addition to a Cycloform Bike Fit, or if you have already had a fit, as part of a follow up, a Saddle Fitting gives us an extra hour to truly get the foundations of your position perfect.  


Let your derrière try out the full Fabric and ISM Performance saddle ranges. When we find the saddle that is perfect for you, if you wish to purchase, our friends at Cyclesense can sort this out for you. However there is still time for you to change your mind. If you buy a Fabric saddle from Cyclesense you can make use of Fabrics 60 day fit guarantee. While ISM demo saddles are available to borrow from Cycloform to ensure that your saddle choice feels as good on the open road as it does in the fitting studio.

Be assured you've made the right saddle choice with a Cycloform Saddle Fitting with Fabric.