Bike Fitting Customer Feedback

I am very pleased with my Cycloform bike fit though there was very little adjustment to my bike! An ongoing baffling knee problem and a recommendation led me to Cycloform. It became clear that my bike fit wasn’t really the issue, after in-depth questioning and assessment, I was given advice and exercises that have got me back on track after almost a year of problems. Can’t recommend Cycloform enough, they are able to see the whole picture, tremendous value for money.
— Ellen Bryan - Sportive rider
I’m very pleased with my Cycloform bike fit, comfort has improved and I’m already seeing performance gains.
— Oliver Leonard - GB age group representative triathlete
I was very happy with this bike fit. I think what separates this service from other bike fits is that it is physio led. Following the fit, I instantly felt more stable and comfortable which I found very useful for Ironman training. It has made my ability to hold an aero position for long periods of time, far more achievable.
— Warren Allison - Ironman triathlete
Great results from this Bikefit instant increase in comfort, power and speed.
— Sarah Allars - Bronze medal British Quadrathlon championship 2015
Changing my position on the bike has greatly improved my comfort and stability whilst on the tri bars coupling this with a new stretching routine has led to less fatigue and and an improved run off the bike.
— Ian Spencer - Ironman Triathlete
My comfort on the bike has increased hugely since my fit. From barely being able to cycle 60 miles without back pain before, to completing my first 100 mile sportive pain free just after the fit, I couldn’t be happier with the service. Simon’s knowledge from a physiotherapist’s point of view is also excellent, giving me some good advice on conditioning my body off the bike.
— Jonathan Letts - Sportive rider