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Physio services

Physiotherapy Services & Prices

Expert Physiotherapy Assessment

An hour is spent exploring every facet of your issue, through thorough verbal assessment and expert physical assessment. Following this a treatment plan is formulated and commenced. This may include:

  • Manual therapy/manipulation
  • Exercise therapy
  • Advise
  • Further diagnostic or treatment recommendations to get you back on track in the best way for YOU. 



Treatment sessions

Although the assessment never truly stops, we're always monitoring your response to treatment, these slightly shorter half hour treatment sessions enable your treatment plan to be undertaken.


Injection Therapy

Often the addition of injection therapy to a treatment regime will enhance the speed or completeness of your recovery, be that with corticosteroid or with newer products such as OSTENIL PLUS

£200 - Ostenil Plus

In addition to session cost

£100 - Corticosteroid

In addition to session cost